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Is the single biggest killer in the western world lurking inside of you? Discover the risks and prevent a heart attack before it happens.

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“You should read this book as a priority especially if you are approaching 40 years of age and have the genes.”
— Patrizia Hild,
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“Don't leave it too long to read this book - or it might be too late!”
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“An excellent book pitched at both the layperson and medical practitioner with clear explanations regarding the various factors that influence coronary artery disease”
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"Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack"
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e-BOOK $9.95  

#1 Internationally Best Selling Book!
Learn The Risks And Prevent A Heart Attack Before It Happens

Cardiologist and 3-time International Bestselling author, Doctor Warrick Bishop is going to teach us about heart attack awareness and prevention in this book

Did you know that in just 1 year you can reduce your risk of a heart attack?

A number of years ago, a patient Dr. Warrick treated, wasn’t informed about heart attack prevention…

He died from a heart attack, on the side of the road, and Dr. Warrick felt responsible for his death which ultimately leads to his work in heart attack prevention.

Dr. Warrick was driving to work one day when he stopped at some commotion by the side of the road.

A runner had collapsed on the road from a heart attack.

Dr. Warrick was part of the resuscitation effort for this man and thankfully he survived. This confronting event motivated Dr Warrick to focus on better strategies for prevention which is far better than cure!.

What's My REAL Chance of Having a Heart Attack?

Here's What You'll Learn From This Book:



Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack is the first-of-its-kind, offering a balanced and referenced discussion of coronary risk assessment using modern technology. Taking a picture of the coronary arteries using CT (computed tomography – x-rays are deflected at very high speed using enormous magnets to acquire images that are then reconstructed) to see the health of the arteries, is not new, it just isn't done routinely. Yet, by using these advances specialists, GPs and patients can be ahead of the cardiovascular health game.


This book presents a balanced discussion for patients and doctors about cardiac risk and cardiac CT imaging that is easy to understand with case histories and examples. This book will empower you as an individual to choose how you want to deal with your risk of the single biggest killer in the western world.


Wouldn’t you want to know rather than guess. If the single biggest killer in the western world was lurking inside of you?


This Book is not the next optimistic, self-help, heart disease reversal, anti-cancer, anti-aging, low carb, cure all approach to health. It presents a proactive approach to cardiac disease prevention, believing that prevention is better than cure.


The author believes he has not yet met a patient who expected to have a problem; patients do not put into their diaries “possible problem with my heart next week”. Yet, what if we could be forewarned about, or prepared for, a potential problem with our coronary arteries? … What if we could plan NOT to have heart attack?


e-BOOK $9.95  

About The Author: Doctor Warrick Bishop


"What you need to know to understand and reduce your risk"

Doctor Warrick Bishop

Warrick Bishop is a practicing cardiologist with an interest in cardiovascular disease prevention and a special interest in cardiac CT imaging, lipid management and eating guidelines.

He graduated from the University of Tasmania, School of Medicine in 1988. He worked in the Northern Territory and subsequently commenced his specialist training in South Australia. He completed his advanced training in cardiology in Tasmania, becoming a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians (RACP) in 1997.

He has worked predominantly in private practice, combined with public sessions. In 2009 Warrick undertook training in CT Cardiac Coronary Angiography, being the first cardiologist in Tasmania with this specialist recognition. This area of imaging fits well with his interest in preventative cardiology. He holds level B certification with the Australian Joint Committee for CCTA and is a member of the Society of Cardiac Computed Tomography. Warrick is also a member of the Australian Atherosclerosis Society (AAS) and a participant on the panel of ‘interested parties’ developing a model of care and national registry for familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH). He has also developed a particular interest in diabetic-related risk of coronary artery disease, specifically relating to eating guidelines and lipid profiles.

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